My proofreading service includes:

  • Thoroughly reading through your text checking for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax.
  • Looking for any inconsistencies in your text, such as variations in the use of hyphenation, spelling, capital letters and italics.
  • Sense checking your work and alerting you to any issues with the overall clarity of expression (e.g. awkwardly worded phrases or overly long sentences).
  • Ensuring that your text has appropriate paragraph and section breaks.
  • Checking for inconsistencies in the formatting, layout and style of your document. If you have provided me with a specific house style I will check that this style sheet has been adhered to.
  • Checking the numbering sequences of lists, captions, chapter headings, sections and page numbers.
  • Ensuring that the text description in a caption corresponds with the correct figure/table and with the text.
  • Checking cross-references for tables, figures and appendices.
  • Checking the text of your bibliography for errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling.


This service includes all of the items listed in my proofreading service with the addition of a light copy-editing element. This service is particularly suited to non-fiction (e.g. a company report, promotional material or an academic manuscript) that has not undergone any prior formal revision or copy-editing but needs a little more editing than a straightforward proofread. The proof-editing service is particularly useful in situations where more than one author has contributed to the writing of a document.

As well as carrying out the proofreading checks listed above my proof-editing service includes:

  • Drawing your attention to any problems with the organisation and logical flow of your text.
  • Where it is obvious that more than one author has had input into the writing of the document, alerting you to any variations in writing style. If necessary, making suggestions for rewording to ensure consistency of the writing style.
  • Checking your text for wordiness, ambiguities, repetition and redundant phrases.
  • Making sure that your text is suitable for its intended audience.
  • Formatting your text to meet journal requirements (academic manuscripts only).
  • Alerting you to any missing elements in references.
  • Making sure that any references cited in the text are listed in the bibliography.
  • In the case of academic manuscripts only, reducing the word count to ensure that your manuscript complies with journal submission guidelines.

Please note that this service is not recommended as a substitute for copy-editing for works of fiction as it does not include any substantial rewriting of your text or developmental editing. If you feel that your work needs substantive revision you may need a copy-editor’s services. In this case, please refer to the Directory of Editorial Services on the CIEP website.