Ditchfield Editorial is owned by Andrea Ditchfield and offers a professional and reliable proofreading service to publishers, academics and scientists, independent authors and businesses.

Why should you employ the services of a professional proofreader?

Finding grammar and punctuation mistakes, typos and consistency errors in any type of written material is distracting and irritating to the reader. As an example, for a business, mistakes such as these are embarrassing, can be costly and can give your clients the impression that you are careless and unprofessional.

It is difficult to properly proofread your own work because, as the author, you are so familiar with the text. Consequently, when you read your work back, your brain often interprets what it expects to see rather than what is actually there. For example, you may find yourself missing the most obvious of typos or you may not realise that you have not defined a particular acronym at first mention in the text. An experienced proofreader brings a fresh pair of eyes to your document and will spot those annoying errors and inconsistencies straightaway.

Whether your written material is a novel, an academic manuscript, a company report, promotional material, a business proposal, a newsletter, a magazine or a blog, I can provide you with a friendly, professional and efficient proofreading service that aims to make your text error-free, clear, consistent and suitable for its intended audience.

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